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We got our copy of Along Came Polly from Netflix on like Saturday or Friday or something, but didn’t get around to trying to watch it until last night. Turns out, that fucker was scratched so badly, the DVD player wouldn’t even recognize it past the FBI warning (so we got to watch that like 5 times between cleaning and polishing). This is the first movie we’ve had to return unwatched, well, except for Hapenstance which we had already seen and I forgot and put it on the queue anyway.

So yeah, we didn’t get to do exactly what we wanted to last night, but one thing we did do was completely clear off the ReplayTV unit. I mean we either watched or deleted EVERYTHING. It was wierd, we haven’t really done that since the first week that we had it. I’m still finding other things to add to the program though. For example, this past week I had so much fun watching I Love the 90’s, that I put Best Week Ever on there. I also put Charmed on there so maybe we can get back into the show, we used to watch the crap out of it, but for the last season or so, we’ve just been missing it. No more.

We’ve also been watching The Dead Zone lately and have found it to be a much better show than we had originally anticipated. I mean, I always suspected that I’d enjoy it, but was never 100% certain. So on a whim I added it to the program and we’ve been watching it, enjoyably, ever since. If you have any suggestions of things you think I might be pleasantly surprised with, feel free to let me know.

Celebrity Poker Showdown
Clean Sweep
Comedy Central Presents
Everybody Loves Raymond
Fear Factor
George Lopez
Method & Red
Monster House
Pimp My Ride
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
That ’70s Show
The Dead Zone
The Graham Norton Effect
The Joe Schmo Show
Trading Spaces
Two and a Half Men
While You Were Out

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July 20, 2004

Wow…you’ve got pretty much all of my usual TV shows on there. Here’s a few things you might dig:

Airline – Comes on A&E Monday nights at 9. They sent a film crew to cover Southwest Airlines, and just film interesting things. Human interest stories involving employees, angry or sucky customers, etc. The episode involving the big blackout from last year was interesting.

Megas XLR – Underrated show on Cartoon Network. Earth resistance forces from Earth’s future steal an advanced fighting robot from the enemy, and send it back in time where they can stave off the invading forces. Unfortunately, it gets sent back too far, and a couple of slackers find it, rebuild it, and now use it to fight evil in our time until the future girl who came back to find it can repair the time device. Ok, that’s a bad recap, but its a hilarious show. Chicks dig giant robots.

Quintuplets – I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but since I saw Method and Red on your list, I thought I’d mention it. There’s some lazy writing, but its got Andy Richter, the mom is pretty funny, and it has its moments. I’d love to see it get picked up, just to see if the show got any better.

The Amazing Race – The one reality show I think I could actually do well on. As an added bonus, all of the teams have been equally dumb this year, so there’s no telling who will win.

July 20, 2004

Oh, and I don’t know how much you keep up with comics, but if you aren’t already, you should pick up Identity Crisis. I haven’t been able to fit comics in the budget for years, but this story is only two issues old, and I’m locked into it.

July 20, 2004

We’re actually trying to get away from the Reality TV crap. Joe Schmoe is our saving grace because its reality, but it’s so farcical, that it’s more entertaining than most. Our Home improvement shows pretty much cover the rest of our Reality urges.

I watched Quints and forgot that it was at least vaguely interesting. I may have to add it at least until I get sick of it.

Maybe I’ll check out that Megas XLR. I’m not going to be lost if I haven’t watched it from the beginning am I? We were afraid of that with The Dead Zone, but there seems to be only marginal continuity there. I think 24 made us paranoid of continuity.

July 20, 2004

Unfortunately, I really don’t have the budget for comics. I read them once a year on Free Comic Book day.

July 20, 2004

Yeah, I don’t have the budget either, and this one is 4 bucks a pop, but its a limited series, and really a good read. I’d probably just loan mine to you, just so you read them. I’ll wait until the whole series is out, so you can just plow through at once.

You don’t have to know too much about Megas to enjoy it, not a ton of continuity. Amazing Race is worth one shot, and it happens to be on tonight at 9. I’m getting burned out on reality tv too, but this one is more of a game show than anything else.

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