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too cute!

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Even though I got discouraged in each week I entered, I’m still gonna support the group, so if you like 24 and you like making LJ Userpics, please check out 24_contest. Hell, if enough of us get involved, maybe the same old crap won’t win every week.

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I really don’t have anything to say, but I wanted to make a post while this track was playing just so it’d show up in my “Current Music” heading.

Oh, and the ReplayTV web interface is cool. Yeah, thats really what I wanted to say.

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We got our copy of Along Came Polly from Netflix on like Saturday or Friday or something, but didn’t get around to trying to watch it until last night. Turns out, that fucker was scratched so badly, the DVD player wouldn’t even recognize it past the FBI warning (so we got to watch that like 5 times between cleaning and polishing). This is the first movie we’ve had to return unwatched, well, except for Hapenstance which we had already seen and I forgot and put it on the queue anyway.

So yeah, we didn’t get to do exactly what we wanted to last night, but one thing we did do was completely clear off the ReplayTV unit. I mean we either watched or deleted EVERYTHING. It was wierd, we haven’t really done that since the first week that we had it. I’m still finding other things to add to the program though. For example, this past week I had so much fun watching I Love the 90’s, that I put Best Week Ever on there. I also put Charmed on there so maybe we can get back into the show, we used to watch the crap out of it, but for the last season or so, we’ve just been missing it. No more.

We’ve also been watching The Dead Zone lately and have found it to be a much better show than we had originally anticipated. I mean, I always suspected that I’d enjoy it, but was never 100% certain. So on a whim I added it to the program and we’ve been watching it, enjoyably, ever since. If you have any suggestions of things you think I might be pleasantly surprised with, feel free to let me know.

This is our list of ‘Channels’ right now

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