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I’m not sure what this all means:

Your LJ RPG Team
LJ Username 
Favorite Color
Weapon of Choice
Your Partner mandroid
Your Warrior zoemunke
The Giggly, Flirtatious Magic User with Big Breasts meatcurtains
The Talking Animal michaeltlh
Main Archenemy kitsonpaws
Evil Incarnate taloncomics
This QuickKwiz by ass_ – Taken 13819 Times.

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Hmmm… I guess I’ll be either an angry badger or an annoying squirrel. Maybe a gazelle. A flying gazelle. Mmmm… sweet, sweet gazelle. The other, other white meat.


yeah I want a GPS thing. My friends mom has one, how much are they? It would be awesome to see how many miles I ride. Yeah, I love bike riding too. I’m glad I bought my bike. Good exercise

Re: cool!

You can get them startging from about $90. They may have even come down since Christmas when I bought mine.

The Garmin Geko series are really the nice afordable, great starter models.

Not only do I use it for that, but also Geocaching, which is a great outdoor sport by itself.

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