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Well, working out has been good and bad lately. It’s been good because I’ve truly been enjoying it. I like the rec center, I like feeling like I have a bit of a clue as to what I’m doing. I even like the work out itself, and I feel accomplished when I come home achy and tired. It’s been bad because I don’t want to do exactly what zero_interruptNick and corwin75Steve are doing, so I can’t seem to get the timing right on how to do what I want to do in the same amount of time that they take to do their routines. And since I have to rely on one of the to get me home, it’s really putting a damper on my regimen.

I’m going to ride my bike tomorrow for the first time and we’ll see how that works out. It may be the golden solution to everything, it may be the end of what I thought was a great idea. Either way, I’m doing it tomorrow at the very least. At least then, I won’t have to try to be done at the same time as them, I’ll be able to listen to my Nomad while I work (after they’ve finished) and won’t feel like I’m ignoring them somehow. I’ll be able to actually save my cardio until the ride home and won’t have to try to get it in before they’re done with theirs. The big down side is after biking in 100° weather, I’m so going to wish I was still at the rec center to take advantage of the leisure pool. I don’t suppose any of you live in the Nottingham Woods area and have a pool that an exhausted sweaty man could collapse into at about 6:30 or 7:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve been playing with Buzznet and the Component layout in LiveJournal and have actually gotten them to play together nicely. I know most of you probably only see my entries in your own friends’ page, but I’m really liking the way my page is shaping up, and all that matters is that I’m happy.

Heather’s in the other room making Nur’s Red Lentil soup. Maybe it’ll be closer to the way Nur made it. The last time Heather made it, she forgot the potatoes, and while it was still good, it was a little wierd and wasn’t as pleasant. We’ll see what happens here in a bit. My appetite should kick in any minute now.

My parents have announced that they will be coming to visit, but at the same time, they’ll only be here for, like, 3½ days. Strangely enough, though, they’re going to be flaying in on the 14th and flying out on the 22nd. They’re going to be driving up to Memphis while they’re here, so of their 8 days, 2 will be spent driving, 3 will be in Memphis and the rest will be here in Denton. I almost feel like we’re getting the short end of the stick here, but hey, it’s enough that they’re coming. I was just hoping to convince them to rent a boat so we could go out on the lake or something. Funny thing is, I told them I could take a whole week off to visit with them. As it is now, I don’t have to take any time off at all, they won’t even be around for the weekdays.

Ah, and in geek news: I thought I had lost the high level character I converted special for corwin75Steve’s game that he’s finally running on Saturday (so much for working out then), but I found a paper copy, post conversion, in my D&D flip file, so I don’t have to completely recreate him. Again. Beware the 19th level Tiefling Rogue with 7 nearly guaranteed sneak attacks!

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Well look on the bright side, I’m starting the torture Sunday now that I’m back. So that gives one more chance at a ride home from someone in sad shape who will be slow and exhausted.

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