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tee hee, my hands smell like Taco Bell even though my lunch was quesadillas I made myself at home.

I like Taco Bell, so the smell makes me happy.

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Great, I was doing fantastic on my no fast food diet until you mentioned tacoo bell, my tummy grumbled and I can now smell their nachos…damn you.

Heh, I have an entire drawer committed to all their ranges of “hot sauce”. Personally, Im a Mexican Pizza and Mt Dew gal. *drool*
man…scramble some eggs, toss in some cheese and two or three fire sauces…

I have to admit, I have two orders that I reguarly get at Taco Bell.

2 Double-Decker Tacos and a bean burrito


Mexican pizza and a Taco Supreme.

And always with the Dew (somtimes a combo of Green and Red Dew).

I usually go in to get my orders, as I dont want to have to park for a messed up order…
but last time, I went through the DThru. Perused the menu for new stuff:
HOLY SHIT! They got MD Live Wire?!
I hadnt been there in about 4 days…something must have happened.
After a 2 minute back and forth with the poor guy…we realized that the sign had been bleached by the sun…and that it was only Code Red 🙁

I begged them not to do something to my beans.

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