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go to my userinfo page if you need to for this one.

pick someone on my friends list that you want to know something about, might want to get to know, or are just curious about. then i will tell you a thing or two about what i know of them.

the two rules:

1. you can’t pick yourself.
2. you can’t pick someone we are mutual friends with.

(come back at some point, if you’re curious to see if i’ve written about you or if someone is interested in learning something about you.)

please do this, guys. it seems like a neat idea.

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oddly enough, I don’t know an awful lot about as I just recently added her. I think I added her from doing one of my frequent searches for users in Denton. Every now and then I go to the advanced search (paid members only of course) and punch in: Denton, TX; age 25-35; updated in the last week. Then I just browse and I think I was drawn to her for the same reason: awesome name.

The most notable thing I’m aware of at this moment is that she’s hard at work training her new ferret, who is distinctly harder to train than her older/previous one. She’s built a “time out” cage with no toys and less room to move specifically for scolding because dousing her with water only made her hate baths.

I also know that she’s polythesitic, as she says “oh gods,” rather than “oh god.”

I met back when I was living on campus in Bruce Hall, he came in a couple years after I did and was a pretty typical freshman dork, or at least that’s what we thought. Turns out, he wasn’t just a freshman dork, but an all around dork, even to this day (he’s being flown out to Cali to judge Yu-Gi-Oh, they’re bringing him to them…).

Anyway, he’s a tall lump of coal with no sense of smell. Sadly enough, my most memorable moment of him is when we lived across the hall from eachother, and he came into my room and asked me to smell his milk because it was well past the date on the carton. I told him no, vehemently. He left and returned a few moments later saying it was a moot point, the milk was chunky.

It’s amazing how you don’t know bad things can smell if you don’t have a frame of reference.

Anyway, so we hung out a lot in Bruce and I could go on for hours with goofy stories that involve or were just in the presense of him, but he’s a good guy, and like me, has failed to leave the University and is now a night Desk Clerk for the dorms, College Inn mostly I believe. SHUPE!

Re: Okay…

is someone else I met just by putting Denton into the search engine. I found out she was an art student (at least at the time) and I thought it would be cool to read the journal of someone who spent a lot of time in the same building as myself (there are a few others on my journal for that same reason, but Zoemonke is the only one I’ve met personally.

In fact it was only recently that I met her in person. She came to borrow my copy of Bubba Ho Tep.

Anyway, she was a scuplture major until just recently when I think she changed to anatomy or pre-med, I’m not sure. Her sculpture, unfortunately, I didn’t really get, but it was interesting from at least a technical standpoint. Aesthetically, I wasn’t moved, but that happens a lot in the art department.

she has a crap-ton of piercings, especially in her ears, I don’t can’t imagine how many it really is, and just recently got a tattoo on her back of a scottish clan symbol. I can’t remember the clan name, and I feel like it would be cheating to go and look it up in her journal. This should be from memory.

I think what drew me to her journal fastest was the awesome userpic of Audrey Tartou from Amelie she had when I first started reading her journal. Since then, she’s been a bit quiet, but a totally cool person all around.

is only slightly easier for me than .

I think I added her the same way as many others, searched for Dentonites and found that she worked for Gamestop (I believe that’s right, again, I’m going from memory because it’s only fair, these are like pop-quizzes, right?) and I thought that was infinitely cool. Not like, works at a store, but works for their corporate office, in promotions.

She’s been going back and forth a lot lately, trying to decide whether to stick it out and hope her kind of pseudo part time/internship job hybrid thing will get her into a full time place, or just quit altogether.

For a while she had a giant Mario in her cubicle I know, and she’s like me in that she hates it when people move the crap around on her desk.

Also, she plays the flute and loves the West Wing.

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