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Isn’t it a bit inappropriate to use race and gender profiling in a dynamic
security lab system? I mean, changing the security settings based on the
time of day and who is most likely to walk in the door.

I know you can do that in a store or business, but the University is a
slightly different world.

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well, I think my muscles are getting more accustomed to excersize already. Even though I was completely disabled last night, I am actually feeling more mobile today. And I worked a lot harder yesterday than I did on Wednesday. So yeah. I think this is going to be a good thing… the only part I have a hard time getting over is that I’m spending about 10 hours a week at the Rec Center and that’s a lot of my free time dedicated to this. I’m sure heatherejcHeather will appreciate the extra hours alone in the house, but I still almost feel like that 10 hours could be used for something more entertaining, but to be honest, I don’t notice the time until I get home. That’s a good thing I guess. That means I’m focused and you know what they say, “time flies when you’re having fun” so I must be enjoying myself.

Shit, I have a meeting to go to, and the lab attendant that was supposed to show up at 8:00 still hasn’t shown up. I’ve tried calling her, and she’s just not reachable. Damnit. Guess I’ll have to convince someone to come down and sit here for me.

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stolen from frankenroc

go to my userinfo page if you need to for this one.

pick someone on my friends list that you want to know something about, might want to get to know, or are just curious about. then i will tell you a thing or two about what i know of them.

the two rules:

1. you can’t pick yourself.
2. you can’t pick someone we are mutual friends with.

(come back at some point, if you’re curious to see if i’ve written about you or if someone is interested in learning something about you.)

please do this, guys. it seems like a neat idea.

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