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Shit, all I’ve done on here for the last two days is comment on other people and stupid fucking usless memes.

It’s Summer II at the University and all you faculty/staff types knows what that means. It’s ass raping dead up here. Most of the classes scheduled for Summer II got canceled, at least all the ones that were going to be in and around where I work. The lab is a graveyard of silent computers, I’m probably going to do my civic service and shut a ton of them down. It’s 9:00 and I’ve had two patrons, and they didnt’ even come in close to the same time.

Also, since it’s Summer II, I could pay for a whole summer session worth of membership at the Rec Center, so now I’m working out with zero_interruptNick and corwin75Steve on a regular basis, or at least I’m going to do my best to try. I went Tuesday and Wednesday so far, plan to go back today. Need to remember to put socks in the gym bag at lunch. Anyway, Tuesday wasn’t bad until I tried the Elipticals. We did some lifting with the Nautilus machines, very cool. Felt good, even when it was hard. Did that for about an hour or more, then moved to the Elitpicals and nearly killed myself. I couldn’t find a ballance point no matter how hard I tried. I felt awkward and off ballance the whole time, and about three minutes in, I felt like I was going to throw up, so I had to get off. Went and sat down for a bit until the blood started flowing right again. I might be willing to go back to them again, but I have to say, I’m nervous.

I’m trying to plan out a regimen for excersize. It’s going to be slightly different from Nick and Steve, as they swim laps two-three times a week, but I’m goign to try to go up there with them almost every time they go. the only day I’m skeptical about is Friday. Since I run my game on Friday evening, I think I may want the afternoon to plan for that. Besides, I think that’s a swimming day anyway, so all I’m missing out on is the time in the rec pool. I may to up on the Fridays I don’t run, just to get some extra time on the track, or if I actually pay for it, the climbing wall.

My current thoughts are as follows:

  • Tuesday: upper body – arms, chest, back, waist, stomach; bike home
  • Wednesday: lower body – legs, stomach, lower back; run on the track; (wall climb if I decide to pay for it); relax in the rec pool
  • Thursday: upper body – arms, chest, back, waist, stomach; bike home
  • Saturday: lower body – legs, stomach, lower back; run on the track
  • Sunday (tenative): full body (light work); (climb, if paid for); run (or stair climber, wanna try that out); bike with Heather at home

Heather just said she’s going to go with me on Saturday. now I’m even more looking forward to it. I don’t know how she’s going to like it, but I’m happy she’s willing to try. It would be nice if she actually enjoyed it, because then maybe she and I could go together on some days. I doubt she’d want to go as often as I’m thinking of going (five days a week? can I really keep that up?), but it’d be nice to at least do something like this with her.

And now, to end this all, and keep up with the crappy memes:

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. anime score: 20
2. reading score: 20
3. science fiction score: 17
4. writing score: 13
5. buffy score: 11
6. harry potter score: 11
7. cats score: 10
8. comics score: 10
9. simpsons score: 10
10. graphic design score: 10
11. coffee score: 10
12. art score: 9
13. fantasy score: 9
14. html score: 9
15. japan score: 9
16. books score: 8
17. cooking score: 8
18. macintosh score: 8
19. kevin smith score: 8
20. they might be giants score: 8

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