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god, I’m so desperately bored, I’m tempted to watch Bubble Boy again.

I don’t know where my replacement is, he said he needed to work for someone else in the building this morning, but “this morning” ended over two hours ago so now I’m stillsitting here. I’m tired of making these little, one line posts, so I’m trying to type some more crap in here, but I really don’t have much to say. I’ve checked a bunch of people in and out of computers, watch Bubble Boy, listened to music, spent way too much time on LiveJournal, and mostly just sat on my ass. I wish I could say I’ve done something interesting, but aside from writing three lame paragraphs in my new writing practice journal, I’ve done abso-fucking-lutely nothing. At least yesterday I… no… I didn’t do anything then either. This summer is turning into a giant snooze-fest for the most part. I need an excuse to get out and do something fun, but more than an excuse, I need some extra cash to do something fun (unless you guys got some cheap/free ideas). I’d love to go to Six Flags, but even with a coke can, I don’t know if we can pull it off. To be honest, I’d really love to go somewhere, out of Texas especially, but with our budgetary issues, I don’t think I could pull it off. Disposable cash declining, adventurous freedom diminishing, now settling in to stagnancy.

I want to go home and drink beer in my hammock. I’m gonna need some beer.

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