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God damn, what with doing nothing productive at home this week, and having worked solely in the lab since noon Monday, I feel like I’ve done nothing but sit at this desk for the entire week (which is pretty close to true). I couple minutes ago, I thought I was gonna break free, but the student worker taking over this afternoon had a couple more things to do for the Associate Dean (for whom he is also working for this summer). As a result, I’m Still Here! So yeah, I watched my movie, I’ve read my email, I’ve checked LiveJournal about fourty gajillion times. I’m hoping to go to lunch today wtih “the guys” but then again, I’m not sure who’s going and where. I’ve got a craving for a sandwich from The Tomato, but then again, the way my day’s (week’s) been going, if Riprocks has Blue Moon on tap like I’ve heard, I may have to go there and get a BLT and a Beer. I guess I’ll let Steve make the call, but I almost think this week would only get better with alcohol at this point.

I’m really hoping Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury comes in tonight, I’m really wanting to see that even if it is only 30 minutes and I’ve never been that fond of Peter Chung’s animation style. I’m just curious to see what happened between Pitch Black and Chonricles. I guess, when I think about it, I don’t really need to know. They covered the greater details in Chronicles, and if left to my own devices, I coudl interpolate the rest if I needed to, but I’m such a fan boy right now, I’m just jonesin’ for more. Hell, I almost wish there was a Riddick Universe setting book so I could possibly run or play some role playing game in their universe. It has a bit of a Fading Suns feel, but almost more stripped down.

Craig seems to lose track of a lot of the things I tell him, but then again, I think I’m guilty of the same. He came in and said we needed to get with facilities so someone could build us a platform to install the new classroom projector on, but we have a mounting plate that just need to be put in place. I had told him the mounting plate had come in months ago… oh well, now he’s driven to install it. Maybe since I’m apparently stuck in here for even longer, he’ll get Nick to come down and do it now.

Sheesh, do I even write anything worth reading? Somehow, I doubt it.

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