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from Dark Horizons: Interview

“Diesel is that rare breed of Hollywood star, one that tries not to take himself too seriously as a star, but as an actor, well that is a horse of an entirely different colour. This is a man who was brought up on a world of fantasy, and, like a grown-up child, sparkles at the very mention of one of his primary influences: Dungeons and Dragons. Or perhaps, one questions, it was just a rumour that Dungeons has spoken to the child within for some two decades. He rolls back on his chair and merely smiles. “I never play D&D,” he begins with mock seriousness. “For some reason, they thought that I played D&D for 20 years. They thought that I spent years playing Barbarians, Witchunters the Arcanum. They thought I still played D&D back in the ’70s when it’s just the basic D&D set. They thought I continued to play D&D when it became Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. They thought I played D&D when there were only three books – the Player’s Handbook, and the DM’s Guide. They thought I played D&D as it continued onto the Unearthed Arcanum, Oriental Adventures, Sea Adventures, and Wilderness Adventures. They thought I played D&D at the time when Deities and Demigods was the brand new book. They thought I played D&D when I used to get up to a place called The Complete Strategist in New York.” We get the point as he smilingly mouths: I’m into D&D a lot. “It was a training ground for a lot of my adventures.””

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I knew it!
Heh, “Riddick” and his story really gives it away…did you know that his mother was/is an astrologer(sp)?
Dame Judy makes for an interesting elemental though 🙂

Re: Vin

Actually, in xXx, he has Melcore tattooed on his stomach in BIG gothic letters. Melcore was his favorite D&D character.

I still haven’t seen A Man Apart, but now that we’re on NetFlix, I’m sure I will. I’m trying to decide if I want to go see Chroicles tonight or Sunday.

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