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Stolen from mandroid

50 Worst Pop Songs (and the ones I like in bold)

I’m not really raging, but I am in the lab again.

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So last night I stayed late (7:15) doing some minor tweaking to the web site, cleaning up the first initial errors and such. Editing the custom 404 page, things like that.

About the Custom 404 page, its already paid off twice (as of 7:00 last night at least, maybe more now since I haven’t checked my work email) in that people, rather than just getting frustrated and searching fruitlessly, can actually contact me about missing files or information and I’ve been able to give them what they needed regardless of the state of the web page. So yeah, I’m glad I went through the extra effort to get a custom 404 page put up, even though we actually had to ask for help in editing a file we don’t have access to. Hmm, I wonder… Ah, good, it works regardless of directory level. I just wanted to make sure.

Yeah, custom 404 goood, new web page goood, archived and purged root directory goood.

Speaking of custard, jam and meat…

I watched the last episode of Friends last night and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. I was expecting more somehow. Spoiler for those who care but didn’t see it.

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Its Alive!

My shoulder hurts and I need some sexual healin’

Thursday, May 6th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 5 Comments

So I’m in the lab… I’m not really angry about it, but a while back, I said whenever I’m in the lab, I’d be using the Sgt. Rage userpic. I was cleaning up the web site, getting it ready to go live when my lab attendant informed me that she needed to go to class. I could ask corwin75 to sit in here for me, but I really feel like taking a break. Craig and I are trashing large piles of the old directories trying to clean up the junk before we go live so that maybe we can make heads or tails of the site from now on. Its nice to see, as it’s been bugging the crap out of me for a couple years now. I finally figured out how to open it as a folder on my desktop, so maybe I can keep it a bit cleaner from now on.

The menu system has started to show more and more bugs, but like I said yesterday, I’m looking at that new layer system that’s supposed to be smoother, faster, and cleaner. Its also supposed to be less buggy, so maybe it will work for me. So long as it can activate across frames, I’ll be happy. I’m really content with the frame system we came up with (I was actually surprised when Craig suggested it, he’s never been a big proponent of frames). One of the problems plaguing the old site was that it wasn’t very adaptable. If things needed changing in the menus, it was a long and arduous process to do so, usually resulting in some menus being more up to date than others. I’ve since made some changes to the system, and even without the frames, that would now be alleviated. The frame of course, really overrides any problems of consistent navigation. Also, it allows navigation to be on EVERY page (well, except for external links, as they won’t show the menus). Speaking of which, that’s something I still need to clean up is links to external pages that open to _top rather than _self. I know I still have a lot of links working that way that need to be fixed.

We’re going to go live today, there’s no doubt about it, but I think I’ll be cleaning, tweaking and adding for the weeks to come, which is funny since I’m also starting design concepts for a new page in my head. I’ve got some ideas I need to put on paper before I forget them.

shirt buttons struggling to stay buttoned can be so sexy, but they can also be so grotesque. what a convoluted world.

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Well, I got enough of the web page done to call it a success and technically we could go live, but I never heard back from Craig about the status of the archiving he was doing before we go live. I sent him a message saying that we were all ready to go. I guess it’s possible he’ll push it out tonight, but either way, I’m not too concerened since I finished in time and that’s all that mattered to me.

I hate to admit it, but that jackhole on Macromedia’s forums was probably right about the menu system, so I’ve downloaded some suggested dreamweaver extensions that I am gonna play with in the next week or so. It looks like it may take a bit more effort with a much nicer end result.

So, yeah, between frantic ’bouts at coding the web page, I have been playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. I haven’t talked about it at all, but it was pretty much the bad-assest game I’ve played in a while… I was wanting a third person stealth action game and damn did I get was I was asking for. I checked it out from Hastings and, well, I returned it 11 days late, but it was all worth it. Heck, apparently if you have a game checked out long enough, and don’t answer your phone, Hastings will send you a letter telling you that you still haven’t returned your rental, but if you bring it in with the letter, they’ll credit half of the late fees and a free rental. So even though I still ended up paying $4, I think it really paid off in the end. I definitely came out ahead.

If course I think its a good thing I finished the game because its warped my perception. I was at Target shopping around for a good container for my my milk at work and I passed the storeroom door. It was ajar and there were monitors in there hooked up to some cameras. My first instinct was to check the cameras, make sure I wasn’t on camera, slip through the door and find the darkest corner to crouch in and figure out my next move. Yeah. I had a lot of fun, but I’m glad I didn’t buy the original Splinter Cell at Hastings (they had it for only $10 used for Xbox).

I did pick up Love Don’t Cost A Thing since one of my favorite moves is Can’t Buy Me Love and I enjoyed Nick Cannon in Drumline. I’ll write on how I liked it tomorrow.

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The web cam is on today,

Tuesday, May 4th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 4 Comments

Well, Space IV is done (that’s a class that monopolizes my lab, btw), so when I came in this morning, the lab was all but dead. There hasn’t been a call all morning. The lab attendant was even waiting outside the door when I opened the lab, so I didn’t even have to sit in there for 5-30 minutes. Now if I only had some cereal.

I fixed my menu vs. frames issue yesterday, no thanks to some orangutan who somehow learned to type on the Macromedia boards. All he was able to do was harrass me for using tools that I thought were, fast, easy, and efficient. He offered me a huge code to try and remedy the problem, but it wasn’t necesary. I think I wrote all this yesterday. It was a long day so I don’t remember.

Anyway, like I said, it’s quiet and I should be working on the web page since someone said it would be going live tomorrow. It should be pretty simple from this point on. If things go badly, I can work on it at home and scoop up some comp time.

Oooh Ooooh! 24 is on tonight. The episodes have actually been getting better and better as we close in on the end of the season. I’m going to be so sad when the season is over, but damn it’s been a good one. I went to the web site from the last couple episodes ( and while the actual web page was pretty damn lame, at least it announces that there will be a Season 4. Now I just have to get Seasons 1 and 3 (yeah, Season 2 was okay, but I’m not as excited about picking that one up).

I also want to look into getting the first and third Indiana Jones movies on DVD. I’m not so interested in getting the box set, as I’d be paying $55 and only watching 2 movies (as opposed to the Pink Panther set, which is only $50 and I’d watch all five movies!). I think I’m going to have to keep my eye on ebay and used DVD sources as I don’t really want the whole box set, just the first and last movie. I guess if I found the box set for cheap enough (I think it’d have to be half price), I might be convinced to pick it up.

Well, this has still been pretty un-prose quality rambling… just writing what’s been going on. In case it’s not obvious from everything I’ve written, yesterday was pretty much Hell around here, at least the first part of the day. I had three major things to get done (Rebuild a computer, process the lab attendant’s time sheets, and make headway on the web page) and I was completely prevented from working on them because I was dealing with lab issues all morning. The plotter was locking up at 78k on every file. Of course if a file was under 78k in the queue (remember, file size and print size are different), then it passed right through. If it was 78k or greater, it would just stop and cease printing. I finally got distracted long enough (3-5 minutes) to notice that it would eventually jump to a second filesize freeze. So I finally realized, it actually was processing and printing, it was just slower than anything I’d ever seen. I’m usually a pretty patient person when it comes to printing in that lab when its overbooked, but this was insane. Anyway, I think the best part of the morning, was when I was running out the door and tripped over the box fan and sent it spinning to the floor. It freaked me out, startled steve, and put a nice scrape on my shin. I slowed down a little after that, as did everything else. Today, even the halls are pretty empty. I love the second half of finals week.


Monday, May 3rd, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

YAY!!! I’ve actually made some headway.

I finally figured out the menu issue that was plaguing me (no thanks to some online eliteist that posts on the Macromedia forums). And as opposed to his declaration of me needing some crazy 30k workaround, it only took somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 characters to fix the problem. So I say fuck you macromedia flamer, fuck you raw!

Anyway, I’m still WAY behind on this… tomorrow I think it’s gonna be headphone day, especially if zero_interruptNick shows up.

Well. Here’s Heather, so I’m out of here.

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