I’m not really raging, but I am in the lab again.

Friday, May 7th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives

So last night I stayed late (7:15) doing some minor tweaking to the web site, cleaning up the first initial errors and such. Editing the custom 404 page, things like that.

About the Custom 404 page, its already paid off twice (as of 7:00 last night at least, maybe more now since I haven’t checked my work email) in that people, rather than just getting frustrated and searching fruitlessly, can actually contact me about missing files or information and I’ve been able to give them what they needed regardless of the state of the web page. So yeah, I’m glad I went through the extra effort to get a custom 404 page put up, even though we actually had to ask for help in editing a file we don’t have access to. Hmm, I wonder… Ah, good, it works regardless of directory level. I just wanted to make sure.

Yeah, custom 404 goood, new web page goood, archived and purged root directory goood.

Speaking of custard, jam and meat…

I watched the last episode of Friends last night and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. I was expecting more somehow. Especially the fact that Rachel stayed with Ross. That whole conflict is so tired that I was really hoping she’d go off to France and forget about him. He’s like a rash that never really goes away, it just subsides on occasion. I realize they probably wanted a final scene of the six of them in the appartment together (“…has it always been purple?”), but I don’t think that one moment was worth it. The audience cheered when she showed back up at the door, but I was just like, “you realize in six months, you’re gonna be on the rocks again. You can’t go ten years bouncing back and forth like that and all of a sudden it all gets better. But the twins thing was funny, …and Joey is still a classic but I worry about his new show. I know he was a favorite on this show, but I don’t know if he can carry a show all by himself. I’ve already started wondering how many visits from old “Friends” he’s going to get. At least they’ve brought one of his (8) sisters along to add a hot chick to the mix, but still, I don’t know how good it’ll be.

I also saw the first official trailer for The Chronicles of Riddick last night, and I have to say, I’m even more intrigued. Apparently he’s some kind of advanced being, not just an overly determined individual with darkvision. It looks like they’ve developed the setting and the universe a lot more than just the one planet from the first movie, and even more than the teaser would imply. I still don’t know how one man can take on an entire race of zealots in a jyhad, but still, its gonna be killa.

Lab attendant showed up, time for me to get outta here.

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