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So I’m in the lab this morning, and I was wondering where my lab attendant was. so I pull up the schedule to see who I should be grumpy at, and I realize its the person I accidentally scheduled for the May Minimester who isn’t even going to be here until Summer I. So when Craig comes down and gets that look on his face and says “we really need to hire people show up when they’re scheduled.” I had to look back and say that I screwed up and to stop being so negative toward my lab attendants. He doesnt’ think very highly of them and I feel bad that he feels that way.

Anyway, I have a meeting today and if zero_interrupt Nick doesn’t show up soon, I may not be able to go to it. He needs to get here so he can sit in the lab while I go to the meeting. I may even have to call him so I can go. Crap I hate waking up people, especially if it’s for something like work, and especially if they’re not morning people. Especially if they’re Nick.

Okay, so Nick showed up before I even finished typing about waking him up. I’ll be able to go to my meeting afterall.

Heather and I are ballancing budgets right now because there are a couple of monthly expenses we’re thinking of tacking on to our lives. We’re looking at ReplayTV and Netflix. If you have any experience with either of these (or maybe TiVo, or can argue that I should look into a different service for either of them) please let me know. I’m really interested in both now and am willing to start shelling out the cash. In fact, I’m tempted to sign up for both in the next week or so, as both get a 10 day trial.

Anyway, I gotta get going to my meeting, so I gotta wrap this up.


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theres a couple alternatives…

to the tivo/replay tv arena. my friend has a DVR that doesnt require any subscription. it does take a little more to set it up but youre also not paying the 300 bucks or whatever for the stupid subscription.

Re: theres a couple alternatives…

the subscription service for either of them is $13 a month, or $300 for a lifetime. Without the service, we’d just have a digital VCR, which the main draw to ReplayTV and TiVo are the extra features, the scheduling, the program search, etc.

I did concider a straight forward DVR though. I noticed most are more expensive than if you get one designed to be used with TiVo or ReplayTV.

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