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This week is creeping along like a slug in winter, I tell ya. I even took half a day off yesterday and I still feel like I’m not moving. I’ve spent the majority of the “week” making small updates to the web page since we went live. I’ve recieved a good number of alerts from users saying files are missing and have been able to update them much faster than if there wasn’t a custom 404 page telling them who to contact about their missing links.

If you feel you need a custom 404 page, be sure to visit this link: 404. It’ll give you the hook up.

As corwin75 announced, he’s going to do a high level short game with old, semi-retired characters, or, for those people who’ve never been in Steve’s game, new characters. I convereted one of my favorite characters from his game yesterday with my free afternoon. Izyurirosu aka “Riposte.” He was a Tiefling flourentine fighter who bent the laws of time and space with his speed and extradimensional attacking. He’s also been known to loose and arm or three, and be on the cutting edge of fashion trends (in his Vrock Hide Jacket). Anyway, converting him from AD&D 2nd Edition to 3.5E makes it apparently how differently the game works. There are things (like armor) that I had no need for in 2nd Ed, that I had to actually sit down and buy for him as if he’d had it the whole time. Conversions are fun, but frustrating at times. You want to keep the character as true to form, but not hamstring them in the process. Sometimes you gain new things to ballance out what you were before (ghost touch to negage the 20% while blinking), and other times you just lose things that aren’t worth converting (I had wings and innate fireballs before!). All in all though, I’m actually excited to play this character again and would love to convince Steve to play him through his destiny of being the Demi-God of time and space.

If not that, then at least pull my evil character out of mothballs, because he had a truely great destiny, and I’d love to see that one through to fruition.

Well, my site’s done synchronizing (to a degree) so I should go in, reply to people who have pointed out missing files and check all the latest links.

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