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well. I got the initial code and design down for the rebuild of the overly “Flash-y” site done. If you’re interested you can check it out at A lot of the links still go back to the old Flash based version, but I’m slowly replacing them. Its not to say that I don’t like Flash, I very much do like Flash. I just feel that in this case it was not very well done and was causing problems with our screen readers. It turned out that there were some simple work-arounds to get past the screen readers, but a few people, myself included, were not very fond of the navigation of the first version. My intent was to strip out the Flash and streamline the navigation. I feel I’ve done quite well at that. You can see the first version (the flash version) at

Anyway, the dogs are getting along better and better as the days pass. They’ve really taken to eachother quickly. I think that’s really good. The cats, on the other hand, have yet to figure out what do to with this new behemoth of a beast that has invaded their territory. Tashi, the first cat, has already decided that its her house, and no mangy mutt is going to keep her from roaming free. She doesn’t pay any mind to the dog, and runs away when he chases her, but otherwise, she’s unaffected. The other two however, are afraid to even leave the cat sactuary end of the house. So much so, that one litteraly exploded in a fountain of urine on the bed in the guest bedroom the other day. This is not the first time this has happened. When we first installed a “Cat-Flap” (that’s so fun to say, say it with me, cat-flap, cat-flap, catflap) in the door to the laundry room, where the cat “stuff” is (food, water, litter), one cat just didn’t understand the concept, so he never went, he finally just found release on the guest bed. Unfortunately, that was the week my parents were visiting. How embarassing.

To protect the cats, yet not restrict their freedom, we’ve installed a second cat-flap (teehee) in the door to the living half of the house (bedrooms and bathrooms) so we can keep that closed and create a barrier between the cat sanctuary and the free nation of canines. The cats can pass through, but the dogs have no access past the door. Unfortunately, I think the cats (or at least two of them) are still too scared to invade enemy territory, even though their life sustinance is at the opposite end of said realm. They’ll learn though. They gotta eat, right? What I don’t get is when the dogs are obviously outside or in their cages, the cats are still to afraid to go through. Pussies.

Anyway, as far as Ia and Knight, we pulled an old nylabone out of the back that we had saved for trips (it was a bit worn down, but not so much it wasn’t still safe) and now the dogs pretty much don’t have anything to fight over. They each have a bone, they each have places to sleep. We even fed them at the same time outside yesterday, and they were fine with it. Such good dogs.

I contacted Kathy Schaeffer about the Denton Dog Park project yesterday. Turns out the project is still in process, but the location has changed dramatically. Its now at the far south end of town, rather than the north end near us. So now it’ll be a drive to go out there rather than a brisk, longish walk. Its nice to know its still in progress though. She suspects it’ll be opening sometime next Spring.

Anyway, time to get back to some simple cut and paste coding. Maybe I can finish the top four pages today. Though, I was tempted to not come back today… hmm….

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