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Geeze, its only Tuesday

Even though I did very little this weekend, I think the excitement of getting the new dog has really thrown off my day count already. I know in my head that its Tuesday, but for some reason it just feels later in the week. Unlike normal, though, I don’t feel like it’s some other day, it just feels like it should be like a late Tuesday, like Tuesday 2.0 or something.

Finally, I got my music detection to work again, somehow the plugin had gotten disabled in Windows Media Player. All is good now.

So yeah. If it wasn’t clear before, we got a new dog. When Knight came over to visit on Sunday, everything went well and he’s now living with us. Its a little wierd to have a second dog, and its funny how quickly I’ve become attatched to him. He’s very similar to Ia, and at the same time quite different. He’s much calmer than her (thank god) and is more apt to just sit and be in our presence. If you pet him, he doesn’t get all squirrely and twitchy. He just sits there and loves it. That’s not to say that Ia doesn’t love the petting, I think she loves it too much and just can’t sit still. I also have begun to suspect that she’s incredibly ticklish. Thats at least a really believable excuse as to why she squirms so much when you start rubbing her ribs.

24 is on tonight! I’m so excited I’ve been playing with 24 video files for the past week or so. The file types that I downloaded are proving to be a bit of a pain in the ass, but eventually I’ll get around all the problems and get what I want out of them. Maybe I just need some different software.

I got a new credit card the other day… Hold on now… Hush up and let me ‘splain. I got this mailer for CapitolOne (you know, “what’s in your wallet?” “the no hassle card”) and I started reading and for one, it has quite possibly the lowest APR I’ve ever seen. My car has a higher APR than this thing. My house has a higher APR than this thng. Anyway, it had the option to request ballance transfers to it upon credit request, so I decided if they were willing to take all my current credit cards (that have much MUCH higher APRS), and transfer them over to this one, then I’d go for it. Well, when I put in the application, it accepted everything, including the ballance transfers, but it didn’t tell me what my potential credit line would be (it promised anywhere from $500-50,000). Well, when it came in, it was 1/3 more than the combined ballances I owed on the other two cards, so I’ve since canceled all other cards, transfered all ballances (save one last payment to Discover) and am now down to one credit card, that hasn’t been activated yet. I’m going to see if we can survive without activating it.

See, we usually end up living off the credit card at the end of each month and paying it off at the beginning of each month, so in effect, we’re not really indebting ourselves, we’re just living 2 weeks off of our pay period. It’s hard to explain. Anyway, now we’ll have to see if we can push that two weeks and live without activiating cards (Heather has an inactived card as well). When we go on long trips, we’ll take them with us, but we’ll save activating them for emergencies.

Anyway, I know I get bored reading other people’s journals when they go to far, so I guess I should call it quits on this entry. I know what MTV has done to attention spans. So get out there and have a great Tuesday.

If you’re a 24 addict like me, feel free to stop by and watch tonight. Only 6 episodes left this season!

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