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So, yeah. I rented Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on Saturday for the Xbox. I have to say, if I had the money I’d be tempted to buy this bitch. Unfortunately, one of the things its most touted for is the multiplayer, which I can’t really partake in. I could get together with three other people, pull together TVs and Xboxes and do LAN four player, but since I don’t have, and don’t intend to subscribe to Xbox Live, I really won’t ever get to play the multiplayer. I’d like to try out the multiplayer, but I don’t see it happening often enough to validate a purchase of the game. I’d have to rent it almost 8 times to make buying it worth while. So yeah, I think I’ll just finish up the single player, maybe hold on to it long enough to do that, as Hastings does pro-rated late fees now, and then return it. If the opportunity comes up to do some Multiplayer before I have to take it back, then I’ll do that. If at a later date we’re having a multi-xbox, multi-tv game-a-thon, then I’ll go out and rent it and encourage the other xboxers to do the same. Otherwise, I’ll enjoy the story and move on with life.

It’s been a really cool game though, almost exactly what I’ve been looking for. I very well may have to buy the original (since it’s only like $12 new) and play the hell out of it. I’ve heard there are a lot of differences, but it’s still high stealth, and that’s what I’ve been itching for. I have no idea how far through the game I am right now, I’m in Indonesia so if anyone’s played it all the way through and know how much more is after Indonesia, feel free to pipe up.

In other news, we’re negotiating the adoption of a new dog (did you think I was going to say child?). Someone here on LiveJournal needed someone to take a dog off her hands and her description of the dog sounded like a perfect match to our Ia. I’ve been emailing the owner back and forth now since yesterday and things are sounding pretty good. I know it’s going to be tight on our budget, as things are already pretty tight, but heatherejcHeather is confident that we can make it work. We’ll be buying double food, and there will be two trips to the vet, but I guess if we have to make sacrifices for something, it might as well be another living being. So great, we’re going to be a 5 animal family. Pretty much the only thing at this point that could sour the deal, would be if Knight and Ia don’t get along, which again, from the descriptions, I don’t think is possible.

The dogs will have to move to the kitchen as there won’t be enough room in the living room for their cages, but I guess that’s not too bad. It just means they’ll have to go further on the carpet with wet tootsies when it’s muddy or rainy outside. It’s not too bad though since the two floors they’d be running on are both crappy carpet that we don’t care that much for anyway. I hope they get along famously and I hope five animals isn’t too many for us.

How many animals do you have?

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I’ve got two dogs… Nomi Malone (yes, named after the character in Showgirls) and Cookie. Two dogs are great as they can keep each other company. Congrats on the new addition!

I love my doggies~~!

Awesome!!! COngrats on the new pup! I love dogs 🙂
You probably already know, but we have two as well…
Aka and Loki…
Mike and I adopted Loki from the SPCA before we moved from Denton.
When we got to Houston a month later, she popped out 8 puppies…!
We kept one, thus lil’ Aka (short for Akanke, which is Nigerian for “to know her is to pet her”…basically mean, “cute child”).
A few random pics…
We are definitely a household where the dogs get the best treatment over anyone 🙂 They are our babies!

I wish I had 5 animals…I’ve got my cat at home; my parents are temporarily-permanently taking care of him for me.

I think what you’re doing for Knight is fantastic (I saw the original post on the dentontx community).

Well, I’m no Dr. Doolittle…

Just got two cats a little over a month ago, both through Petsmart from the Coppell Humane Society. Miranda and Sonia are their names. Mira is a calico who is a little over a year old, and knows just how cute she is. She is the visible cat. Sonia however is a ninja cat, who only ventures out in the dark and when everything is still and quiet in the apartment. My wife and I took pictures of her just to prove to friends that we have two cats.

I also have a cat named Issac who is at my parents house. Didn’t want to seperate him from mom’s cat when I moved out so he’s stayed there. They live here in town though, so I still visit the cat regularly. Oh yeah, and my parents too. 😉

Re: Well, I’m no Dr. Doolittle…

one of the issues we’re facing is that we don’t know anyone that stays in town for the hollidays, like thanksgiving and christmas who would be willing to check on the dogs twice a day while we’re gone. I don’t suppose you know anyone like that, do you?

Okay, well in that sense I’m Dr. Doolittle…

Yeah, actually Laura and I do tend to animal sit for people. Since my family lives close, we are always day tripping but can do the “check in the morning and night”. We’ve done if for Nick and his aviary, and we’d be certainly glad to help you out if you needed.

We have 5 animals. 3 cats and 2 dogs, but the dogs are 2 dimensional. It is hard trying to find somebody on the holidays or vacation time. My sister used to look in on them when we were gone for vacations. Good luck in your search.

I sadly only have 2 dogs now.

4 horses.

(Do my neigbhors goats that eat our grass count, cause there’s like 20 of them.)

1 big ass fish.

This thing we call Michelle that lives in the back room.

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