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So, 15 minutes ‘tli lunch. We have a third Dean’s candidate tonight, so I effectively only have 2 hours and 15 minutes left of work, with a one hour lunch break coming up. I get so sick of having to drive home for lunch every day. When we build a deck, I’m so building a machine that can let the dog out on a timer. Actually, she’s been so good lately, I think she could probably handle a situation where she could come and go at will, a flap of sorts. Of course, she did eat a bunch of Bulgar Wheat wraps right off the table the other day. Maybe she needs a quaranines space in the house that she can enter into if she wants to be in, but still have access to indoors and outdoors. We need a sun room. Too bad there’s nowhere to put it. That’d be perfect for her. Maybe if an when I build that deck, I’ll see what it would take to make a kind of airlock of a sunroom between the house and the deck. I think that’s exceeding my vision though.

The Spycraft game is tonight. I’m looking forward to it, but not as much as orosCraig. From the sound of his IMs, he’s bouncing off the walls in anticipation. I hope I live up to his excitement.Tonight shouldn’t be too tough to run, it’s mostly a continuation and possibly conclusion of last weeks intro story. Next session will be the first really tough one as I’ll have to actually start a new sub-story. I need to start envisioning an arc. I know where I want it all to go, and I know some things I want to see happen along the way, but I don’t really have a path yet. I need to work that out. I also need to decide how fast I want them to level and how much xp to give out to pace that leveling. I’m playing with some numbers in my head, but there a little tough to estimate without writing something down. I’ll to look into some of the numbers this evening before the game.

We’re running out of money again. I think some of it has to do with Heather’s kitchen project. When we got our tax return, we did spend quite a bit of money, but there was supposed to be a $200 buffer in our checking account. Now I will admit, I spent that $200 on my Clié, but I’m also paying it back and only owe $90 on that buffer. After looking at our money this morning, I really don’t think there’s still $110 left after all our monthly expenses. I know Heather’s really been looking forward to this kitchen, an I know she paid a lot of it out of her allowance, but aside from eating out, where the hell did that money go? we bought crazy amounts of stuff at the beginning of the month, but it’s all been reimbursed from our personal allowance accounts. I just don’t know anymore. I’m sure it’ll all work out in the long run.

Time to go to lunch.

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Well, aside from the fact that your abode is slurping down your bank accounts or whatnot…

The house is comin’ along really well! It looks awesome 🙂
Im jealous 😛

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