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More Spam… it gets better every day.

sometimes the absurdity added to these, in order to bypass spam filters is amazing.

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M0ther and the Son, fatther and the Daaughter ankle cmuflamingo.
The webssite dedicated to ReaII lnscest make aII reIated drreams possibIe cottages.

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The matterials were subbmitted by our memebrs or bought from reeaI peopIe footpath.

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I mean, wtf? cmuflamingo?

2 replies on “More Spam… it gets better every day.”

You mean you don’t know what a cmuflamingo is?

‘cmuflamingo’ (n): large bird of mixed parentage between a snipe and flamingo, know by its mating call of “fugu”, sometimes a cmuflamingo is also known as a ‘fugu’.

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