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I have a meeting here in 40 miunutes, so there’s not really enough time to start any projects.

Yesterday was a pretty shitty day all around, that is until I put in The Commitments and remembered how much I love that movie and the music from it. I had bought the DVD for St. Patick’s Day but had yet to watch it. I was in such a foul mood by the end of the night, I think if one of my taco shells had cracked I’d have given up and gone to bed (luckilly they were extraordinarilly stable last night for some reason). Fortunately the only one that broke, waited until half way through the movie and I was in a much better mood.

This morning’s been shaping up though. Its Friday, we might get the afternoon off. The state usually waits until about 11:00 to tell us that they’re shutting down all state institutions at noon. Talk about short notice. Not really enough time to make plans, so I’ll probably just go home and cut the grass. It needs it. If not… well, I’ll just sit here and make more icons. I have some ideas for movie clips I want to use, but I’m starting to think I need to do more still icons as well. I dunno, I’m just having too much fun with animated gifs and they’re helping me think four dimensionally, which I don’t do very well.

If I’m ever going to write, or even make Flash animations, I need to develop my forward thought process, so maybe this is a good stepping stone. We’ll see.

Crap, still have 30 minutes until the meeting. Guess I’ll just surf the ‘net.

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Yeah, must be nice being able to maybe take off early. If they give everybody the half day, I just get 4 comp hours that I’ll never use since no one covers my shifts these days. I am, however, getting my car today. Hope they have a good selection.

You could work on thursday game, or read over the mod for tomorrow, or come over and dig a hole in my back yard….arent I full of helpful suggestions. Ignore the fact that all 3 help me in the end.

It should be open this weekend, I never heard anything contrary to the fact. I gave my lab attendants the option of going home this afternoon, but as for the rest of the weekend, I think the art building is business as usual.

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