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Today’s been a day. Thats about it. This morning we had some crisies with the plotter and the check-in system, but everything seems to be smoothed out again, and like the rest of this week has been, this afternoon has gotten really slow and really quiet. I feel like an icon factory these days, I’ve made four this week alone, and have plans for more. I wish this was a marketable direction, but anyone can do this shit. Even if I was the only one on the planet who could do it though, no one would really care enough to pay me for them.

At any rate, I’m installing the new Check-In system as I type (waiting for downloads and installs). Its almost done and I hope it gets finished up some time today. I don’t think I have that much left to do. The biggest thing is to move the static IP over to the new system. I’ll have to get the instructions from Craig on how to do that again. I always feel so stupid when I can’t remember how to do something, even if I only ever have to do it once every two or three years.

No game tonight, I guess it’s for the best, I didn’t have anything planned anyway. But then again, if there had been a game toinight, I probably would have spent a little time planning. Yeah, probably not. It’s gotten nice out again, but I think I heard something about storms in the forecast again, which, to me, is still good. I like rain, and I like thunderstorms even more.

I realized, suddenly, that I didn’t do a photo journal this week. It’s probably because I did one so late last week. I also haven’t been on TextAmerica as much this week. I think I’m just running out of things to take pictures of. The one really good thing I saw this week, I didn’t have my camera for. Maybe I’ve just been in a mood, but it could be the end of a phase with me. I’m kind of like that. There are things that I am always interested in, even if the interest waxes and wanes constantly, and other things that I jump into with both feet for about a month or two and then never touch again. Guess I won’t know what this is for another few weeks, or months.


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