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well, I tried my best to make a happy icon, but I found a clip that was too cool not to turn into an icon, so here it is… the suicidal penguin!

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what do I use to make my icons? a lot of things.

The main application I use is Adobe ImageReady (which comes packaged with PhotoShop). That’s what I use for the final animation and color compression. Before that, I use a number of different tools to grap the images from the original sources, clean them up, add effects, etc.

Short answer? I use whatever it takes.

and I remember McGruff.

I was 13 and sweating to death inside a giant dog head. Ah, the joy of youth.

Anyway… I’ve got ImageReady (came with P’Shop, yep, yep) and just never fiddled with it… might have to now. 🙂

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