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Well, I finally met mandroid and she’s pretty much as cool and
laid back as I anticipated. Its too bad all her other Denton friends backed
out and didn’t show up. I felt bad that my lame ass was the only one there
to keep her company. We knocked back a couple and chatted, her more than
me, me being all introverted and shit. She was funny and I had a good time
hanging out with her. I felt bad that Heather wasn’t there, I know she felt
“wierd” with me going off and meeting some other woman at a bar. ‘Manda was
sorry Heather couldn’t/wouldn’t come out too. I don’t think I was very
entertaining, I had planned to stay until 8:45 but I ended up taking off
before 8:30 even. Sorry ‘Manda, I don’t start telling the good stories
until the fourth or fifth beer.

We talked about work, movies, titty bars, rednecks, dogs, beer, etc. It was
fun even if I was a little quiet.

Now I’m hanging out in line for Hellboy,#3 in line baby! I’ll try to write
more this weekend.

“Jesus died for our sins, God Damnit!”

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