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Maybe its just psychosematic, but ever since corwin75Steve said he had an ear infection, I’ve been thinking back to how my ear and upper jaw has been uncomfortable since last night. I’ll wait a couple days and see what’s up, but I really don’t want it to be an ear infection. I haven’t been to the doctor in a really long time and I don’t want to break my streak. Damn Steve and his hot tub, I’m sure that water was full of ear infections waiting ot land in my ears and fuck with me.

Anyway, to add to our illness, Heather and I woke up with wierd bites all over us. They’re little red bumps that are a little painful to the touch, but not too bad. We’re not slovenly people, we live more or less cleanly, so we don’t know what the fuck is up.

And I guess I should mention, since I’m talking about how my body is breaking apart right now, I’m not wearing deoderant today. I hope my Boss doesn’t notice. One of my underarms has a kind of pimple like bump on it. I remember when I was younger, living at home, my mom bought this (spray on) deoderant my dad and I weren’t used to and we both complained about a wierd reaction shortly afterwards. Maybe this is the same kind of thing, so I didn’t want to aggrivate it by putting on more deoderant. Sorry if I offend.

Wow, I’m just a mess today, now I’m kind of dizzy and spacey… seeing stars. Maybe I’ll stay home this afternoon and just try to focus on how to begin my Spycraft game.

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