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why the hell not…

So I was on, that didn’t really do anything nor did I meet anyone as a result of it, but you know, what the hell. Now I’m trying out Orkut. bugtilaheh invited me to join, so now I’m on it. You can only join via invte, so you’ll have to comment with an email address (or at least comment that you want on, and I’ll email you via your LJ Profile), but I feel lonely with my whopping 2 friends.

Come on, you know you’re as bored as I am. I mean, Heather didn’t even sign up for Friendster, but she’s on Orkut with me.

One reply on “why the hell not…”

(meekly raises hand from back of room)

uh…hello. my name is amy, and i’m uh…*sigh*…in my cave and lonely.

So, do i qualify? 😛

Oh, and if Mike hadnt sold his clie for the moolah and if I didnt have my eye on another one for my own evil use…Id buy yours…just thought you should know…

Good luck tho 🙂

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