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I just got this cool idea for a party food spread…

A D&D Miniature edible combat scene where everything but the minis themselves are edible, including jello-atinous cubes.

Maybe I need to start planning for a party… besides the Jello-atinous cubes, anyone have any suggestions?

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If I knew more than my sleepy recollections of my friend and his buds playing I’d offer up some suggestions, however the one game I witnessed I fell asleep.

Gummy werebears, Purple gummy worms, Gingerbread guards/goloms, Killer chicken/bunny peeps, squeeze cheeze ooze, mmmmm…..I will let you know if I can think of anymore.

You don’t have to acually have played, just think of standard fantasy genres or even medival period settings and what you could make out of food.

I mean we need walls, floors, doors, etc. right?

the gummy wearbears would be a little small for the scale, but I think everything else has potential… I think I smell PARTY!!!

Make a mock (sticky) sandtrap out of rice krispy treats. Get the little monster marshmallows from cereal or whatnot and surround it. 🙂

Or hell…how about a Dire Peep? Tis the season?!

I forgot to elaborate on the Dire Peep…

It would be the accumulation of tens of boxes of peeps…massed together and then use different color individual peeps to create scales down the spine or claws, etc…

damn…I have a whole thing brewed in my head agh!

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