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I got 20 minutes and my finger’s getting better.

I haven’t been posting much lately, and I feel really bad about that. It’s a combination of things.

  • as I said before, I cut off the tip of my finger, it’s made typing a giant pain in the, well, finger.
  • I’ve been sick. Maybe the loss of my finger weakened my immune system, but I got sick about the same time I cut my finger. Coincidence?
  • my computer at home is FUGGED UP! It randomly, and frequently just locks up. I thought it was a software issue. After having formatted both drives and reinstalled the OS only, it’s not gotten any better. Please, someone make my comptuer work. I’m a computer tech and I can’t seem to do it.
  • with all the sick I’ve been being, and finger I’ve been missing, I’ve been way behind at work. I’m just now getting caught up
  • I’ve been preoccupied with money. We filed our tax return a week and a half ago and expected the money sooner than it came. We’ve been living on “borrowed pennies” for a couple days now, but the money came in this morning! Yay!

The most exciting thing to happen lately is I got myself one of these:

It’s the one Clié I’ve been waiting years for. I’ve always said that when Sony made a PDA with a HiRes+ screen (320×480) that wasn’t a clamshell (folds in half like a GBASP) then I’d buy it. Well, it came out on Monday and I pre-spent my share of the Tax Return on it. I’ve been sweating a little bit because it took a little longer for the tax return to come in, but we’re okay. I don’t think we bounced anything. But, dang, this is a sweet machine.

Click the image for the full specs and everyhing.

  • It’s got the HiRes+ as I mentioned with the virtual graphiti. See, most PalmOS PDAs have a section of the screen that is actually printed on, so it’s not really screen, and that’s where you do all your writing. This baby’s got a virtual graphiti area that can be removed to expand the screen and extra, what, 160 pixels? How sweet is that. You can also swap that area out with a virtual keyboard or this new “Decuma” writing area which is actually a really nice Handwriting recognition where you write naturally and it can read it as opposed to writing in these wierd little “glyphs” for the graphiti system.
  • It’s got a camera. Now it’s not that great, it’s friggin’ 0.3 MegaPixels (that’s right, not even ONE megapixel) but it’s better than the old NR and NX systems had. It’s actually a lot clearer than I expected. I’ve already used it for web graphics and will hopefully start uploading goofy pics here with it. It’ll just be nice to have a camera in my pocket all the time without having to carry one more thing with me.
  • It’s got Wireless Networking! I totally didn’t expect this feature, nor did I expect it to be nearly this cool. Recently (around September), the Art Building got connected to UNTs new wireless network so I can actually surf the internet (and potentially post to LJ) from anywhere in the building as well as in a good number of other buildings on campus. Now, the feature I was really looking forward to, ICQ from anywere, is kind of hosed as ICQ’s Palm client is currently fuxored, but I’m still enjoying the hell out of it.
  • It’s got an MP3 player in it. I had one on my old N710C and gave it up when I sold the 710 and bought the SJ22, but that’s because I had the Nomad. I still have the Nomad, but it’s become semi-permanent at my office since I can actually go online and just stream tracks to it anytime I want. That, and I don’t have a way to really play it in the car, so it’s pretty much only good at work, in the home office, or at parties (which makes spinning tracks at parties way easy!). So now I can, again, carry some tunes around with me wherever I go. Damn, I guess I should load some track on this thing.
  • It’s got TONS of RAM and a wicked fast processor. It’s blinding how fast this thing works compared to any other PDA I’ve ever had, I mean really.

So, yeah, I’m loving it. I almost wish we had a wireless router in the home and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if in a couple months, when I get out of debt from this fucker, I’m looking at wireless routers for both the Clié and the Laptop (I know HeatherEJCHeather would appreciate a wireless laptop with two batteries for extended life hanging around the house, she gets so tired of those cables, as do I).

In other news, well, nothing really. I’ve been trying fruitlessly to get my comptuer to work. I fear that I’m going to be spending a fair ammount of time on it this weekend. I’ve got some new ideas to try so I’m going to run the gammut of tests and experiments. In fact, I’m not coming back after lunch so that I can work on it some more.

Also, Derek’s gotten into Magic again and he’s started having tournaments on Fridays. I half expect him to call me tonight and ask me if I want to play. I sort of saved $10 aside in case he calls, but if he doesn’t, I’ll be fine otherwise. I had fun last time, but I totally don’t see myself winning much (if ever).

I’ve been playing the absolute hell out of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II and Champions of Norrath. I feel bad because I’ve been playing all kinds of games on the Consoles while my PC just sits in the back and gathers dust. I actually, half heartedly considered switching to a Mac last night because I don’t really play games on the computer anymore, and it’s been giving me so much hell, it’s just not worth it anymore.

Well, this is a fucking long entry, I better stop now since no one is really going to read this much shit anyway. TTFN

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Oh my lord…*gasm*… you lucky man. Im have the sudden urge to begin feeling up the screen. Wow. Such a beautiful piece of machinery. Enjoy it for me. The script recognition software sounds awesome…I’m tired of having to write in dead alien languages and code heh. Keep us updated on how the camera functions/ease is for you…that is a big factor for me….*sigh*
You sure deserve it though, after what you did to your finger and how hard you (& Heather)have been working on your house and life, etc. It’s time for you to have a goodie to play with 🙂

Im glad your finger is getting better, I just really hope you are taking good care of it so that you wont have later problems to worry about. Be diligent with your routine of care!

Oh…Im working on getting my damn server up. It is still giving probs…but here are a couple musical suggestions that you might dig (if you havent heard them already): 12 Rounds – Sunshine, Big Hero, etc. / The Mighty Ging – All, Me, etc. (if you cant find em online i can get em to ya)

Oh…I also forgot to mention…

I think you would also appreciate Shpongle if you havent heard of them already. Look for “Dorset Perception” or “Divine Moments of Truth” or “Behind Closed Eyelids”.

Schweet!!! I didn’t think anyone else dug the Nomad!

I have the same adapter, but it’s always a bit staticy and whiney, so I stick to CDs in the car unless I’m on a loooong trip. Besides, most of the time I’m driving, it takes longer to pick out the music than it does to get there.

You’ll have to contact me privately and I’ll give you the link/username/password to connect to mine on the web. I’ve got over 30gb of tracks that you’re welcome to peruse.

yeah, it’s a pretty sweet piece of macheinery, I just need to get some more customization done and it’ll be totally swankin!

and I’m actually typing with all my fingers again so I must be getting better. Still keeping a band aid on it and a dalop of triple anti-biotic, but it’s certainly healing.

Well, I wanted an MP3 player for Christmas, so when I was home (Houston) for the break, my friend Ed (, dunno if you know him; he works at West front desk; tall black guy, can’t miss ‘im) came down to visit one weekend, and we went to Fry’s Electronics and both got ourselves a Nomad. Hehe.

Dude, that’s awesome. I didn’t know you could do that… are you using your comp as a server or something? I used to be a computer science major (sorta), but I was into programming C++ and only knew about software, not sys admin stuff or hardware, so I’m rusty.

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