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Does anyone have any idea what this is referring to and how to contact them? I so want to follow this up, but I can’t find any more information on it than this:

Description : I am casting an animated series being produced in the anime art style.
I need mostly girls, about 8 all college age except for 2 age 40-50,4 Guys need to be all college age except one age 30-40.
The series is a standard 26 episode season with each episode lasting the traditional 22 minutes. The show is targeted at the anime fandom community as well as the mainstream and is rated PG-13, target audience is ages 16 to 30. We are looking to keep a moderate buget as we already have several big names hired for the main cast. We prefer to work with those who have experience in anime voice over, those without experience we would prefer to have attended an acting school.
We do not accept applications from union actors.
Audio will be recorded at a sound stages in LA and Dallas ONLY.

If you know anything and want to help me out please reply or email me in private.

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Yeah, I’d be interested in that too. I’ve always wanted an outlet for all the other voices in my head. :p


Good luck with that. I auditioned for DBZ when they moved the dubbing facility to Ft. Worth, and even though I didn’t get a part, it was a fun audition. If you don’t have any voice/acting experience, it’ll be tough to get a part, but you have your radio background, so that’ll help.

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