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well, apparently I decided I didn’t need the end of my finger because I just chopped it off while making dinner. I hurts like hell and seems to want to bleed forever, other than that, staring into my finger was at least interesting.

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Ack! Oh dear gods!
Sorry to hear that! Did you have it checked out?

More importantly, did you make sure you cooked it thoroughly, no pink in the middle? Hmmm, I see it going well with a nice Merlot. (sorry, no sleep=loopy)

I swear…men and their finger injuries lately. Every guy I know seems to have one…

nope, I hate doctors and I hate stitches more. I’ve got a tripple antibiotic on it and once I’m confident that hydrogen peroxide won’t just reopen the wound, I’ll be dunking it in that pretty regularly. I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping wounds clean and healthy while they stitch themselves back together.

oh heck no, the tip is clean cut off. there’s a slice about the size of a preschooler’s pencil missing.

I changed the bandage and lunch and it didn’t bleed all over the place, so I’m pretty confident.

Sure that’s what you’ve been practicing. I’m sure it has some kind of back and forth hand motion involved, but I don’t think you’ve been rolling dice.

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