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My Precious…

Someone tell me where the $400 for this baby is coming from, cause I sure don’t know, but I know it needs to come from somewhere. She will be mine, oh yes, she will be.

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I did, and I admit it’s stupid to want a new one, but when I got the one I got, I was kind of settling. There were certain features that I kept waiting for and kept waiting for. I didn’t want to get a new one at all until the model with all the exact features came out.

Well, finally, the old one I had started failing in ways I couldn’t handle, so I decided the one I really wanted wasn’t ever going to be produced, so I gave up and bought a low end, simple model for pretty cheap. No sooner had I started really getting used the the one I bought, but vague rumors started spreading about an even newer one that was going to have the features I wanted. Well, it released next week.

That’s what impatience gets you I guess.

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