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Eureka! I found it.

We did our first GeoCache this weekend. It was a really long walk because we decided to just walk from the house rather than drive to a nearby location, but we still had fun. It was only a mile or so out there, so it posed to be a nice hike, but after a couple of wrong turns and double backs, we probably double the distance out there. Fortunatly the walk back wasn’t as bad since we knew where we were once we got there. Kind of an “oh, this is where we’ve been walking” thing.

The cache itself was pretty slim pickin’s but you don’t don’t this kind of stuff for the treasure, you do it for the hunt. This one was really cool too, because you didn’t just put in a location and simply walk to it. You put in location and when you get there, you look for a number on a mundane item which gives you part of the co-ordinates for the final location. After visiting three such locations, you have the final location. It was a really cool four part cache. The location was obvious as we got closer and closer to it.

All we took was a Pink Carabiner in exchange for the Green Carabiner that we had on Ia’s leash. I just thought it was funny.

The other thing we did this weekend was start the dining room floor again. Heather had pulled up the carpet, cleaned up the staples and glue, and started sanding it, but gotten disheartened when the sander wasn’t doing that much. My parents lent us a belt sander while we were out there and we took it out on Sunday to see what it does to the floor. Dayamn if that thing doesn’t strip the floor down to the bare wood. We hadn’t intended on going that deep, but since it does it with only moderate effort, we’re gonna do a complete refinish, sanding, staining and all. Yeah, we’re idiots.

Oh well, the semester’s started and my life hasn’t completely come to a screeching halt yet. We’ll see how I feel by the end of the week.

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I have wanted to do that for a long time now…It sounds so fun! Just have to be able to afford a system.
I would especially find it fun if it was centered around a travel company/vacation group, etc…and your “trip” was to cache the world.

One day…oh yes.
One day 🙂

Yeah, they’ve come down in price a LOT. I got mine for just under $90. I’ve read your entries and I know your hurting for cash, but at least its far less than it used to be.

Mine has almost no features and is extremely simple. It takes a bit of work to enter co-ordinates, but it gets me to where I’m going and back and that’s all I really need. Maybe if you end up back in Denton, we’ll have to team up, though I may have “cached” the town by then.

…you could always become the new/extended legend of a secret underground society that tunneled through the Amazon closet and began its domination of the lower class underlings…

The LARP that all started with a simple cache…

ok. I take it back. That’s lame.

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