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I painted for two hours last night. I feel like I made so little progress but I guess maybe I’m just very detail oriented and I try to be as clean as possible with my lines. I just feel like it takes forever and I can’t concentrate on it for more than two hours at a time. Even that was kind of a marathon for me.

Today I’m going to Craig’s D&D game. I’ve become more interested in it again, which is good. It was close to being dropped there for a while. I honestly think the move to 2:00 was good for it because now I can get home and spend some time with Heather rather than getting home, going straight to bed, and then going to work first thing in the morning. That just wasn’t really working for me.

I’ve got Christmas shopping to do, and for some reason, it’s not really exciting me as it usually is. I think it’s the whole money issue. I still want to buy stuff for people, I love giving gifts, but I’m concerned about how our money is flowing. At any rate, I’m waiting to hear on a gift for Heather. There’s an auction I’ve bid on, but it’s going to take too long, I think, to win the auction and get it shipped in time for Heather’s birthday, so I emailed the seller, but they haven’t emailed me back. I really hope to hear from them soon.

Oh well, I’ve already blown 20 minutes here when I should have been getting ready for Craig’s game. Now I’ll probably be late again. Until I write again, here are some pics of the mini I’m working on, in progress.

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