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Sometimes I’m just lonely.

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My name is Lindsey and I was hoping you could tell me where you got your vampire fangs. The only place I can find is But I was hoping you had some insight.

Thank you
PS,Like the layout

Mine were custom made by a dental hygenist turned artist. She used genuine dental replacement materials (as if making a bridge or dentures). We had to visit her twice, the first time to have a mold of our teeth taken (I went with a friend), and then a week later to pick up our fangs.

When I described what I wanted mine to look like, she was impressed because she’d never done any like them before. She thought they came out really good. I tend to agree.

I used to have her business card, but the last time I checked, she was no longer there, so I wouldn’t even know where to get in touch with her or if she’s even still in business.

I’m in the DFW area, so if you are too and are interested in seeing if she’s still around, contact me privately and I’ll give you what information I have about her.

Yeah, I was feeling pretty good for a while last night, then I just kind of bottomed out. Nothing seemed entertaining, interesting, or compelling. Not even sleep.

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