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I don’t think people realize how personally I take the events that happen in the lab. I spend close to the majority of my time, my life, doing things for the lab: buying equipment and supplies, fixing systems, working with the lab, testing software, trouble shooting issues. I dedicate a lot of myself to the lab and take the things that happen in there very personally. People don’t realize that a smart ass offhanded comment about the lab feels like a slap in the face to me. I just wish people could realize that.

This morning, when I walked in at 7:45 to get the lab ready to open at 8:00 (that’s right people, I get here eary to guarantee that the lab is open for you on time), I found that the night before someone had torn down all of our printing policy signs and replaced them with one sign stating that “Printing is Prohibited.” It was signed “the Staff” but I know it was a student that did it as a sort of political statement. I’m sorry, but if you have a problem with something in the lab, I am more than accessible for comments, concerns, questions, request, compliments, or what have you.

Grr. I just hate starting out my day like that. I’m going to sit at my desk and read my emails that actually compliment and thank me for all my hard work, make up some new signs for the lab, and file the entire issue away for posterity.

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That sucks. I know what ya mean though. Happens to me every day (well not the sign thing, but the lack of appreciation and well overall hostility when they don’t know something…)

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