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I knew I should have stayed in bed today

I never want to know anything about a movie until I have a chance to see it. I don’t even want to know if someone liked it or not because I want to formulate my own thoughts and opinions about it. If I know enough about someone, and they even say one word, I already have an idea about the movie just by the word and the way they said it.

Nick saw the Matrix last night, and he said “Dude.”

I know exactly what that means from him, I know immediately, from that one word and how he said it, what he thought of the movie. I’m trying not to dwell on it, but it just irks me so. I contemplated not coming in today, just to avoid any chance of someone talking. I figured, Steve and Craig aren’t going to be seeing it, so it shouldn’t be too bad (though I did joke with Steve, that Nick would be practically vibrating with excitement all day today). But lo and behold, as I half expected, Nick turned around and asked if anyone had seen it yet. We all said no. He said, if he had to sum the movie up into one word…

I told him to stop, to not go any further, and that one word would be too much. Steve said he’d castrate Nick if he said anything.

Nick said “Dude” and I tossed Steve my exacto.

Now I need to go get the mop…

and maybe call a doctor.

Definitely get a mop though.

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