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We were watching I Love the 80’s: Strikes Back the other day and HeatherEJCHeather made an astute observation: the stuff they’re showing on this second series is the stuff that she and I are more familiar with and strikes closer to our memories. Apparently, we liked all the stuff that was secondary in the 80’s. Oh well, I was 7-17 in the 80’s, I guess I would like the more afterthough type shit then. Not to say I’m on top of the style curve now even.

I have this inexplicable need to be useful to people in the world, I think that’s why I make stuff like this and these and put them out on the internet for the world to see. I want to think that something I do with my time is worth something to someone. My web site is full of that kind of crap, stuff I think someone else will want or need sometime. I’m not really trying to advertise myself or entertain the world, I just want to make something that someone somewhere will say “wow, I was hoping someone would make this!”

Okay, so that was my self promotion statement I guess.

A song came on my media player earlier that totally made me miss running my vampire game. I had this NPC in my game that new everyone and everything about the city and he walked around town with a huge 80’s style boombox. The idea was vaguely stolen from the video for said song, in which an anthropromorphized dog walks around on crutches trying to carry his boombox, groceries, and whatever else he’s picking up on his errands. I just liked the idea of this guy that knew everyone and walked around town all night. Everywhere he went, someone knew him and he could have a conversation at the drop of a hat, the whole time of course, carry this boombox that’s blaring and almost making conversation difficult. So whenever I ran, I would make sure that somewhere in the CD changer was at least one CD that had that one song on it. If and when that song played, no matter what, the NPC made a random, unexpected visit. Sometimes it was as bit of a stretch, but it was still bad ass. Now whenever I hear that song, I think of that NPC and my game. YEEUH.

Shit. I want to do this D&D game, but I really do prefer modern games. Doesn’t matter too much, I don’t know when I would run, who would play, or when I would have time to do the game justice.

  • The funny thing about regret is, that it’s better to regret something you have done, than something you haven’t.
  • Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed in the things that you didn’t do than in the ones you did do.

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So I’m reading this at work, then when I get to the point about your old vampire game, all that pops into my head is: “We’re the Muncie Vampires!” and then i giggled for 5 minutes while people stared at me.

I have tried, and tried again…but for some reason D&D just cant grab me and suck me in.
But, on the other hand…Mike is talking about running a Kult game sometime and THAT I would love.
I dont know why it is like that, but ’tis.
And that…
is the rest of the story.

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