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Tuesday evening: In the lab

Well, I didn’t write yesterday to say what a good weekend I had. I just never got myself in the mood to write. I often find that when I want to write in my journal, I either am not, or don’t feel like sitting at the computer. When I’m sitting at the computer, I’m just not in the mood to write. I used to keep my journal on my PDA, but that was really a joke. I was worse at it there than I was on this thing.

I played LotGR on Saturday. Had a great time. Really enjoyed playing in a game with Tim again, I haven’t played with him in years and I forgot how much fun it was. All I could ever remember were the horror stories, but I forgot that I really like Tim and his play style. We had a good time and managed not to die.

Sunday, I did a lot of nothing. It was great.

I’ve been a bad boy. I downloaded iTunes for one of the two PCs I have at work. It’s not the greatest music player/manager I’ve ever used, but it’s not bad. It rips CDs really slowly. So slow that I find myself impatient with it, even though it’s connected to a computer that just sits by my feet and does nothing all day. Maybe it’s just because I’ve had little to do lately so I end up staring at the cd tray waiting for it to eject. Yeah, pathetic.

Heather just informed me that we’re ordering food for dinner tonight on my credit card. I hate doing that, but we’re stretched a little thin so we’re gonna splurge on either pizza or wing zone. I liked the idea of hawaiian BBQ pizza at lunch, but I smelled fries in the hall earlier. Oh the drama!

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