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Good god, is it Monday again? Days, weeks, months go by so quickly lately, I can barely keep up. It seems that I wait forever for something, the weekend, a holiday, a vacation, and before I know it, it’s come and gone. I appreciated the time I got to relax and I don’t feel like it went by too fast, or that I wasted it, it’s just that I wake up the next dat, back at work, and realize how long I waited for it, and how it seems to have gone by in a blur.

I remember when Iwas a kid, years went by slowly, time passed at a reasonable pace. I had to wait for things to come and it seemed like every day lasted a fair 24 hours. I was even sleeping more then, you know bedtimes and all. Now I spend more hours awake and things still seem to be flying by. I don’t get it. I really do need an extra day in the week. Not so much so I have more time to do stuff, but just to slow this shit down! I just hope I’m not missing anything.

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