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I really have to stop going to 7/11 every day. It’s killing me literally and financially. I spend about $2-$4 each time I go, and I get junk. I don’t need a snack, a drink is nice but I have a case of bottled water here in the office. Getting out of the office is nice, but it’s not necesary. I really need to stop going. I stared at a bag of sour cream and onion Ruffles for like a minute and a half trying to tell myself not to get them.

I just finished the bag, damnit.

I need to eat better, I need to live better, I need to move and shake and get off my ass. I need to go outside and play, I need recess, I need an excersize program, I need a real reason to use the body I walk to work in every day, because right now all it is is a means of transportation from my home computer to my work computer and back. It’s something I can shove food in because it tastes good. It’s something I can touch or convince someone else to touch if I’m feeling “touchy.” I don’t really use it in ways that it can and should be used.

I often regret having a cushy desk job, I almost wish I worked back in a factory; pushing, pulling, climbing, stretching, running, stooping, working! But instead I had to be all brainy and know how to use and fix computer, how to manage a work crew, how to operate graphic software. What a waste of a perfectly good body I had 10 years ago.


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Okay, so maybe you really should read that book I just got at recycled. Supposedly, it’s supposed to help you figure out what you WANT to do, without any respect to what your skills are, and give you the resources to get there. Just in the first chapter alone the author talks about how her skills were typing really well and scrubbing the floor really well, but she figured out what she wanted to do and found the way to get there – all as a divorced, working, mother of two.

This looks to be a promising book.

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