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Ugh, Will it NEVER END?

Six more machines hacked today. We’re going to up our security, you hear that you malicious bastards? We’re password protecting our machines, get the fuck out of my virtual world.

Anyway, other than work, things are going pretty good, and really, hackers aside, work isn’t so bad either. I’m doing my best to log my work… (crap, BRB)…

…okay, anyway, I’m logging my work and staying more dedicated to tasks (except for short intervals where I wite my journal or check the shipping on the birthday gift for Vish). Home, well, home wasn’t really that bad anyway, we’re still poor, but somehow I feel like we have more money this month, and not just the $100 collective raise that Heather and I got, but we just seem to have money. I think the combination of consolidating our debt, actually programming our programable thermostat, and the fact that it’s been a bit cooler the last couple months have really helped us out. Plus, the fact that rather than dump money into my car I just put it in the garage is saving us a bundle as well (I still should go and renew my license, though).

Played in the D&D game last night that was on the top of my list for dropping. I was giving it basically one last chance, but the session last night was a good one, and since I’ve got fewer games than normal [ *wink* ] I’m going to stick with it.

My Bebop game is Sunday, I don’t know if I’m prepared but I’m going to run what I can. I need to filter merits and flaws as well as come up with an introductory “bounty head.” I don’t think I’m going to introduce my surprise weapon yet, but I’ll save him for a later episode (I keep calling them episodes, it’s fitting but it even confuses me, I don’t do it on purpose).

Anyway, I’m in the office for lunch because I needed to be here for network security, he’s in the lab checking out 5 of the 6 machines. I keep checking in on him, but mostly I’m just here in case he has any questoins.

To sum up, Hackers suck but life is getting better, oh, and Heahter, if you’re reading this, I love you.

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