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On the set of Bells of Innocence.

10:01 am
Somehow, I got lumped into art again I was looking fr something to do and helped out someone in the art dept. Its still kind of cool because its the art/effects dept. I may end up learning about pyro and squibs. I really wanted to get in as camera grip, but that didn’t work out. Someone who knew someone got pulled for that gig.

At least its film work, and possibly credited!

2:08 pm
Lunch break: Its getting hotter this afternoon but its drifting into afternoon so maybe it will start cooling down again. Its been an okay day, working on art and effects all day. It doesn’t look like the official grip dept is really active anyway. I’m not sure whats gonna go on tomorrow, but it’ll still be intersting I’m sure. Sure would be nice to make some money on this. It’l be nice to see how this a comes off in he end.
One thing’s been nice, I’ve been doing a little DV filming for the effects people. Don’tknow what will become of it afterwards, but Alan wants the footage for something, maybe it’ll be a special feature or something.

7:06 pm
My feet hurt. Thats about all I have to say about that. I’m ready to start packing up an heading home, the sns getting too low to shoot anyway. I’ve played with a new thing today called Pico Glass. Its a breakaway glass for stunt work. It was pretty cool, I’m looking forward to seeing the shot.
I’ sorry to say, though, so far as I can tell, the movie is pretty lame. I’ll buy it anyway if I actually have a credit.

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