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Well, Im here for my second job with The weakest link. There are already people lining up outside but no sign of the NBC people. The rooms are set up but I’m still about 45 minutes early. better early than late, and since I have such a hard time getting places on time, I’m always glad to be early. I expect this to go as well as the last time, just a bunch of numbering and test grading. I enjoy doing anything like this thiough, and hey, it’s an extra $100!

I don’t know how long it’s going to last, last few auditions I worked, it lasted until there weren’t really enough people to continue. I don’t know how many people the daytime version of the show will pull in, last time, primetime, was about 700 over two days. That reminds me, I wonder who/if the P.A. from the last audtion will be here. More later if I have a break.

Well, we’ve finished up the first round of auditions and it doesn’t even look like there’s gonna be another. There are no people waiting outside so I highly doubt if anyone else will show up. It’s rainy and I get the impression that this was significantly under publicized than the primetime version last year. In the first group, most said they were called for the audition.

Right now it looks like we’re gonna wait around until the rest of the P.A.s get back from lunch and fill out our paperwork. That may be the end of the day right then.

I wish I had brought that router that I need to return, I will amost definitely get out of here before Best Buy closes, and there’s even one right next door. Wish I could think of something I really need. I know there are a lot of things I want, but nothing I need at this moment. Oh well, best to not spend any money than to spend it just to spend it.

The nice thing is this extra $100 will make Heather feel better about how much I spent on that monitor. Spending an extra $50 on a monitor isn’t so bad when you are geting an extra $100.

For some reason at least two of the P.A.s here look familiar, but I don’t think I’ve ever net them before, heck, one is from Chicago. Oh well, maybe I’ve just finally gotten to the point that I’ve seen too many people and I can’t keep them straight anymore.

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