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I Hate Computers

I have two computers at work, a computer at home and a laptop to go between them, as well as a palm device (a Sony Clie) and it is rare, very rare, that all five are working perfectly at once. Admittedly, it’s usually one of the three desktop computers that fails, but still, I never expected to have to spend so much time formatting and rebuilding machines.

Some of the problems stem from getting new interesting “gadgets” to help bring all the evices together. Like this latest tring of problems comes from the 30GB portable hard drive I picked up to make sharing files between home and work much easier than trying to make use of network storage space. I can now put all my MP3s and other important files on this SB hard drive and carry it in my bag wherever I go.

The one that caused problems today is the memory card reader that was working fine before, but has all of a sudden decided to be problematic. It allows me to move files to and from my Clie with ease. Unfortunately it was wreaking havok with one of my office machines today and I had to rebuild it.

All in all though, I can say that all this interconnectivity is really nice and I feel much more organized than I ever have, and that’s a good thing.

I bought a new bag yesterday to carry all this portable hardware in. I liked my old bag, loved it even, but it just wasn’t suiting my needs any more, so I went out to upgrade it. I didn’t get what I was looking for, but I got what fit my needs. So now I’m trying to get used to my new leather “Man Purse” as Heather likes to call it.

Oh well, I guess I’m just a glutton for technology.

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