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So when we got home for lunch, there was a car parked almost across our driveway and a backhoe parked on our walkway. Now, neither Heather nor I really take the little bushes on either side of our mailbox very seriously, nor the flowerbed areas around them, but this tractor was parked with one wheel in one bed and another in the other. It had completely crushed one bush and was threatening to do the same to the other. It also had to have driven in there (because the damn thing couldn’t have flown) so that means the metal edging that goes around these two mini-beds have most likely been completely crushed.

What I’m more concerned about is that I think this trench they’re digging down the road is going to cut across our driveway as well (it’s crossed at least two already) and I started to wonder… will they actually concrete it back over like it used to be, or will they just throw some asphalt in the trench and call it good like they did to this guy who lives up at the head of our street? Also, are they gonna replant the grass or is that up to me to do. Finally, when they carve this trench through the walkway to my house (which I’m fully expecting to be done when I get home tonight) are they going to fix it or leave it full of tar as well.

Damn, I never even thought about this crap when I decided to buy a house. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about that cobble stone walkway idea again.

Tuesday, March 9th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 14 Comments

Well, here’s Photo Journal #2. Sorry it took so long this time. I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up, probably as long as they’re still fun. This one is a long one as I get more and more into the habit of just snapping photos with my Clié.

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