Kids and Carpentry…

…in which I talk about how I’m a terrible carpenter, but that doesn’t matter when you’re only 7 years old.

This weekend, Ansel wanted to do a woodworking project. You see, at his request, we bought him some tools for Christmas. Not toy tools either, but real, kid sized tools. I don’t do a lot of projects around the house, but with the occasional inspiration, or infrequent maintenance, I do have the tools out now and again. Often enough, it would seem, that Ansel wanted to get his own set.

Hard at Work

So when I asked Ansel what he wanted to do this weekend, he said he wanted to build something out of wood. I said, “Okay, but we can’t just ‘build something,’ we need to have an idea about what we’re building.” He gave it some thought and decided that he wanted to build a toy. Well, no surprises there. I asked him to be more specific and really think about what he wanted to make. He ultimately decided he wanted to build a toy boat.