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Ultimate Gamer!!
GM says drop 2d10, aanndd… you roll 81% !
What, are you a first generation gamer? Did you own the brown box?! Whatever you do in your spare time, gaming seems to be your job. Either you looked up the answers or you’re the best of the best, the type that makes other gamers strive to know more. Just don’t let the knowledge overwhelm the newbies, it tends to push them from the hobby.

We all bow before you. You are the living nat 20, congradulations. I’m going to flee the scene now 😉

Link: The Real Gamers use Dice Test written by luminasita on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

The CultWitch

Hasta La Vista Tias

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So I just learned that Tia’s closed.

Me = Sad.

At the same time, I just learned that El Guapo’s is pretty much Tia’s, as it is owned by the former manager of Tia’s and a lot of the Tia’s staff moved over there when it opened.

I wonder if they’ll honor my coupons.

WeenPumpin’ 4 the Man

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Posted by: peloquin3 on Buzznet

I call him Achillies
We found this cat on campus yesterday. We got him fed and off to the vet to be checked out. He should now be in the hands of an approved foster home.

I hope he keeps his name.

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