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Acceptance and “Exceptance”

Friday, September 22nd, 2006 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

So the other day I took my dog to my studio with me, and yes, I walked the halls with her, I went to pick up prints from the public printer with her, she stayed by my side at all times…

Let me pause here to say that this rant is in no way a sign of anger or frustration toward the people who enforce the rules, this is more a rant about the rules in general than the enforcing agents of said rules

…Anyway, I was informed today from multiple persons that I was not to bring my dog to the studio anymore because I did not keep her confined to the studio space itself. Now in discussing this situation with the people who enforce the rules, who are in fact dear friends of mine, I understand why it would be best for me not to bring my dog with me to the studio, and it is a case of acceptance and “exceptance.”

People are not willing to accept that not all similar situations are equal. my dog is very well behaved, and she was even more remarkably so at the studio.People just see that I have a dog with me and thus they must be able to bring their dogs as well. Unfortunately, they don’t accept that there may be a hygienic or behavioral difference between my dog and theirs. Additionally, had even one person shown concern or fear of my dog, I would have taken her away, fully aware that some people are just not “dog people.” Other dog owners may not be so understanding, they may not realize that I am an exception to the general Homer Simpsons of the world, they just see, “hey, dat guy has a dog, I will bring brutus, the homicidal tooth machine.”

And as I discussed this with my friends, the enforcers, I realized that this is an issue that goes beyond me and my dog. There are a lot of rules out there that enforce common sense because so many people are lacking in it these days. I guess I just spend so much time around people like myself, who are intelligent and worldly savvy, that I often forget that so many people don’t think before they act, and thus ruin it for everyone else.

So to this end, if you are a grad student and you wish to see my dogs again, you will instead have to come visit me at home or come to the dog park with me. I’m sure they would love to see you.

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