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seems like there was something I was going to add in a second entry as an amendment, but damned if I can remember what it was. I have a mind like a rusted steel sieve.

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So working out last night had a very positive effect on all my achy muscles and joints… Either that or the time spent in the Hot Tub afterwards. The Rec Center, for those of you not in the know, has a huge hot tub that could fit like 15-30 people. It’s pretty nice and felt really good after the workout. I didn’t run nearly as far as I wanted to though. On Wednesday I finally managed to keep up a good jogging pace for an entire mile. I haven’t done that in quite some time. I had hoped to repeat that success yesterday but at half a mile, I was dying so I decided to quit while I was ahead and go cool off in the pool before Steve took off for the day.

We’ve been trying not to spend that $600 that we owe back out, but what with the excersize at the rec center and all the home improvement that Heather’s trying to finishe before my parents come to visit, we’ve been eating out a lot. She said to me yesterday “I know it’s the 29th, but no more eating out this month.” I think we can handle that.

Last night’s dream had a lot of wierd shit going on and I tried my best to remember it. There was a lot going that I tried to remember, but it’s not going to be even close to acurate. I know I was visiting my Aunt, who was somehow combined with Cher. Yes, If I Could Turn Back Time, body thong wearing, Cher. Anyway. Cher has really long hair, and she had this kind of Samsonite philosphy of hair and health and thus her hair was even longer. She also had a… child? My Aunt has two children, and I think in the dream they were combined into one child that was somehow reminicent of the boomerang boy from Mad Max. The child had really long fuzzy hair, due to the samsonite complex. Anyway, They slept in the tower of the house (whatever) and when the child went to bed, it decided to cut its hair so it could fit in. When (now defintely a boy) he cut his hair, it all stuck straight up and I explained how people who’ve had long hair for a long time cut it short, it does that for a couple days. I explained how the folicles get used to having all that weight to fight against and when the weight is gone, the hair just stands straight up. I told him how when Julian cut his hair, it stood up for three days. Later, I found out that he had cut the cats long hair too and now the cat looked like a choppy Asgar (our blonde cat).

I was really concerned how my Aunt Cher would react to her son cutting off all his hair and possibly becoming seriously ill as a result. But that seemed to be the least of her worries. She was really concerned about the art and decor of her house was seriously out of whack, so I spent the rest of the dream helping put order back in to her house. I remember a lot of concrete and wire in the decoration which is strange since her husband is an artist, but has never worked with concrete and wire to my knowledge. He’s done ceramics and wood, but concrete and wire would be entirely different. So yeah… still an interesting dream. I’m getting better at remembering them, but no better at understanding them.

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