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It’s been another slow, boring day so far. I kept myself busy with a satirical entry in the 24_contest, but otherwise I’ve been doing nothing but sitting here, trying to figure out how to get the lab to close on Wednesday. So far, no one’s signed up for hours on Wednesday night and that’s a bad thing. I have at least one Lab Attendant who hasn’t yet signed up, and another who won’t even start until July 23rd. If I can just get Wednesday evening and Sunday evening covered, we’ll be good. Of course covering the morning shifts would be really nice too, since I wouldn’t have to sit down here any longer, though I am getting pretty content with the hours I spend in here. I turn on some music and just sit back and relax in mind numbing boredom. Now if only I had a better chair.

Last night was pretty fun. The fireworks were pretty cool, even if the people next door to our party had way better ones. They must have spend a whole bunch of money because they had some really big explosions and they went on all night long. Usually they have really cool fireworks, but they run out early in the night. Last night they stopped only a short while before we went home. They were on par with some of the more professional shows I’ve seen. I mean damn. You go motorolla guy!

I ate WAY too much, Sim was amazed that I kept eating but the food was awesome. I just couldn’t help myself. It’s just that Grilling Parties are my biggest food weakness. I like the taste of food cooked over a fire, and I like all the side dishes that usually make an appearance at a picnic like that. And then they had pie! I’m a sucker for pie. Didn’t drink too terribly much, but just before we left, aramance made me try the Watermelon baby that oros prepared. I thought it was a bit strong, and a bit mushy, which I guess was a bad idea so Heather ended up driving home. I was feeling kind of sick, but I think it was from eating too much and then running around with Zach on my shoulders. It was a really good party all the same and as always, I’m glad we went. And as corwin75 said, the tension that could have been present was not, adn that’s a very good thing.

Monday, July 5th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

So I got shot down on the 24_contest community again. I keep making icons that are different and original, and all the other members of the community keep voting for the icons that all look the same and follow a format. It’s so frustrating. I mean, come on, soften filter, color shift and scripty text every time? WTF? You people need to realize that you’re just all following a shepherd to a slaughter house. I could lower myself to their level and just do the same tripe, but why bother. Then again, if they’re going to keep shunning my originality and artistic vision, why do I keep playing their game? I should just let them go off and do their own thing.

But I’m a glutton for punishment.

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